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Our estimates for a full kitchen or bath are as detailed as possible so potential clients really know where their dollars will be spent on the project.  Electrical, plumbing, sheetrock, counter tops, cabinets, flooring and everything in between is broken down. 

Complete bathroom remodels that go back into the previous bathroom space typically take 2 weeks to complete.  Enlarging or moving tubs and showers to new locations will add a week or two.

We sell cabinets, tile, laminate, cabinet knobs and accessories with delivery if needed.  Solid surface and quartz counter tops and cultured marble walls for bathrooms are only available as installed items.

YES!  We do many bath to shower replacements every year, including barrier free showers.

Kitchens going back into the same space can take 2 to 6 weeks.  Basic replacement of cabinets and counter tops take approximately 2 weeks.  Add an additional week for custom quartz counter tops.  Projects that include details like changing walls will take longer..

Utility rooms, home offices, wetbars and entertainment buil-ins are some of the projects we do with cabinetry.  Updating a kitchen with new trim, handles and adding roll-outs mayWe also replace counter tops, millwork, interior/exterior doors, tile and laminate flooring.  Just ask!  We can also do “honey-do” projects!

Before the start of your job, we give you a list of “what to expect” so you will be prepared for our workers.  Some things included are:  location of the electrical panel, water turn off, property access, pets, protection, covering belongings, clear pathways, etc.