Why We Carry PentalQuartz for Countertops in Lacey WA

We carry Pental Quartz for our countertops in Lacey WA because they combine the timeless beauty of natural stone with superior strength and durability. Engineered for easy care, this surface requires little maintenance and is versatile and long-lasting, all while providing infinite design possibilities. It is ideal for nearly any application; from kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities, to bar tops and tub surrounds.

What is PentalQuartz?

PentalQuartz is manufactured using the most advanced and latest technology from Breton SpA, of Italy. It’s a composite of natural quartz, one of the most abundant and hardest minerals on the planet, and pigments that are bound with high-quality polymer resins. PentalQuartz is a solid non-porous surface product that is resistant to scratches, stains, and water, thus providing a virtually maintenance-free surface.

PentalQuartz is Very Versatile

PentalQuartz can be used in a variety of residential and commercial applications for both floors and walls. Suitable for many types of indoor flooring applications, PentalQuartz is also an excellent choice for a wide variety of indoor wall applications including backsplashes, tub surrounds, shower walls, and other interior wall surfaces.

PentalQuartz Comes With Great Warranties

PentalQuartz comes with a 15 year warranty for residential projects and a 10 year warranty for commercial installations.

Pentalquartz Does Not Produce Dangerous Off-Gasses

PentalQuartz carries both Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certifications to ensure the highest levels of indoor air quality and is certified to produce no VOCs or harmful off-gassing in your home or project.

PentalQuartz Colors and Patterns Go All the Way Through The Slab

PentalQuartz is solid all the way through the slab. The same beauty and color you see on the surface continue all the way through allowing for a wide variety of edge profiles without a change in material appearance.



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